Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory

WE ARE COMMITTED to providing quality tax compliance and strategic tax consulting services to each of our tax clients.  We are diligent advocates for our clients and work with them to attain their business and personal goals within the tax system’s structure.

Not only do we provide traditional tax compliance for our clients, we also provide strategic tax consulting. Our strengths in this area include:

  •  Analyzing current operations to identify tax minimizing strategies for clients by understanding their business’s structure and needs. In one instance, we were able to help a client save significant tax dollars by identifying obsolete inventory and assisting them with writing that inventory off for tax purposes.
  • Representing individual and business clients before the IRS and state taxing authorities. We achieved savings of over $200,000 in payments to the IRS for one family group by eliminating penalties and interest being assessed on multiple years of multiple tax returns that had not been timely filed.
  • Negotiating with the IRS to settle an underreported income case in which a business owner faced potentially devastating consequences. We were able to work closely with the IRS to settle the case for much less than the client originally anticipated.
  • Working with clients to establish the appropriate tax friendly vehicles for their unique business situations. Whether it be an LLC, limited partnership, S corporation or C corporation, we work with clients to ensure that their business is organized in the most tax efficient manner possible.
  • Entity selection
  • Merger and acquisition planning and structuring
  • Divestiture and spin off planning and structuring
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Gifting (shares of a company are “gifted” to an individual)
  • Estate planning

WE ARE ALSO ADEPT AT STRUCTURING BUSINESS DEALS when our clients are reorganizing, acquiring or disposing of business interests. We ensure that not only are operational aspects addressed but all tax implications are understood and minimized in our client’s favor when possible.

In one recent case, we became involved in a client’s business disposition after the initial terms were in draft form. Upon our review of the transaction, we were able to provide guidance to the client that they used to maximize their net cash received after taxes significantly.