Accounting & Assurance

Accounting and Assurance

THE NEED FOR ACCOUNTING AND ASSURANCE services is one of the fundamental reasons behind the
development of the accounting profession as a whole. Through our innovative approaches to providing accounting and assurance services, Covenant Consulting Group LLC (CCG) provides its clients the information that they need to make sound and informed decisions to ensure that their assets are safe and secure and the financial condition of the company is healthy.

CCG was built on a solid foundation of traditional accounting and assurance services. But at CCG, we have expanded on that foundation,
developing genuine relationships with our clients that allow us to formulate a unique perspective into their businesses. Through this mutual
commitment, we are able to provide our clients with exceptional and responsive accounting and assurance services with professionalism and

Our primary goal in providing accounting and assurance services is to offer our clients a clear financial picture of their businesses. We provide our clients with the information they need to make informed and sound financial decisions and develop beneficial strategies for the future.

Audit Services
CCG has developed an efficient audit methodology centered in rigorous planning, including a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and
expectations. We have attained the experience to handle the challenging accounting and auditing issues constantly faced by large and growing
companies. We believe that a quality audit is built on a solid understanding of your company and the specific challenges you face in successfully attaining your goals.

In order to make observations about your operations and bring a fresh and unique perspective, understanding your company is essential.
Through CCG’s commitment to involving senior level personnel from all relevant areas of the firm, in every stage of the audit, we position
ourselves to be more than just your auditor. In fact, our goal is to be your most valued business advisor.
We consider our clients’ perspective when we determine the most crucial factors in a successful audit.

They include:

No surprises
Open lines of communication throughout the year
• Involvement of senior level professionals
• Minimal disruptions to your management team
• Prompt and timely delivery of letters, comments, and final reports
• Identifying opportunities for improvement and offering innovative but practical, business-oriented solutions

Range of Services
We provide a full range of services to numerous clients in many industries. We focus on thorough testing, effective communication and timely
collaboration with our clients. Along with our commitment to providing top-quality services with high professional standards, we understand the need to provide our services at a reasonable cost and always ensure that our work is performed at the best possible value to our clients.

THE RANGE OF SERVICES WE PROVIDE in Accounting and Assurance includes:
• Audits
• Reviews
• Compilations
• Forecasts and Projections
• Employee Benefit Plan Audits
• Agreed Upon Procedures
• Accounting Internal Control Consulting and Support